This week in Bay Tree class, we have been learning all about the Olympic Games! Firstly, we learnt all about the different games and skills that athletes do in the Olympic Games, such as cycling, weight lifting and ice skating. We then enjoyed putting our knowledge to the test by using the clues to guess which Olympic sport was hidden on the screen. Following this, we shared our thoughts and experiences with our friends by talking about the sports and activities that we like to do; such as playing football and going swimming and we even learnt a range of different signs for these activities too.

After this, we put out physical skills to the test during our P.E. lesson; where we have been practicing for our Sports Day next week! We showed great team work by taking turns, working together and cheering each other on.

Next, we talked about the different ways that we can stay active and we enjoyed exploring a range of physical equipment outside in the sunshine with our friends. We threw balls at the target, shook and wriggled our fluffy worms (on their sticks), kicked, rolled and threw different sized balls and even used dumbbells.

To finish off our fantastic physical week, we had lots of fun creating our very own open ceremony for our Pear Tree School Olympics; where we made our own Olympic torches, dressed up and did a Bay Tree parade and race too! We hope you have all had a lovely week and that you all get the opportunity to do a fun activity in the sunshine this weekend too!