What a busy start to this half of the term we have had.    In catering we have been learning how to make simple meals that don’t require any cooking, but are tasty and keep us full.  There are lots of skills to learn from cutting with the claw grip and bridge hold to putting all the ingredients together to make a tasty treat.  We’ve also been designing a festival food van, thinking about what food to sell, how the van would look and how much we could sell the food for. 

Another one of our busy classes is Enterprise.  We have been thinking of ideas that we will be able to sell and working out what Profit and loss means.  All the students agree that we need to make a profit!  Everyone has been really creative coming up with great ideas and then getting feedback from the rest of the group asking whether it needs to be improved or will be popular and sell well.   One of the ideas is bespoke badges.

A few comments from the students talking about their highlights from this term.

” I enjoy performing arts, improvising is my favourite bit.”

“In functional skills we have been working with a partner and researching about countries that our partner picked”

“I’ve been doing catering and cooking, I love it!!”

“I enjoyed enterprise, making badges”


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