This blog post will let you know what learning we have been doing around the topic of Halloween. We worked on these items before we broke up for half term so we were ready for the event this week. We had lots of fun making different items and the item that took the most work (and made the most mess) was carving pumpkins. We worked hard to scoop out the middle from the pumpkins, whilst some groups found using a spoon worked well and others found using their hands was a lot quicker. Once we had scooped out the middle we chose what we wanted our pumpkin to look like and began to draw our designs onto the pumpkin, before it was time for an adult to help us cut out the design with a knife.

The other items we made were pumpkin collages, ghosts, mummies and painting pebbles. We also had a basket covered in a web which we had to use tweezers to grasp ‘spooky’ objects from inside. We thoroughly enjoyed this activity and had lots of fun whilst working on our fine motor skills at the same time.

Have a fantastic weekend and wrap up warm, as the weather is set to get colder!

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog.

Bay Tree Class 🙂