This is the year of the pig which we celebrated on Tuesday.   Michaela and her kitchen team made us vegetable spring rolls with chilli sauce and chicken and rice for lunch.   Paula ‘s PE class was Chinese themed.   We had lots of colourful costumes to dress up in and Chinese music played whilst we danced with the dragons.  We all had so much fun especially TJ who loved playing and making patterns in the rice.

On Wednesday heavy snow fell and lucky for us, it was sticking to the ground, so me, James, Saskia, Daniel and Javid all had a snow ball fight and the students won.   Fletcher enjoyed throwing snowballs at Sam.

In cookery class we made scones, they were really nice.  Look at the pictures.

    Daniel kneading flour                          Me and Saskia baking

This weeks SPOTLIGHT is on Saskia. She has had a great week, working very hard, focusing on independent learning .   She is very helpful and kind to her friends at school and likes to help the staff in the office.   On Friday she had the best day.   Mark took her to Morrison’s and Kirkham library to learn about independent travel.  She was very good at the roads, waiting at the zebra crossing and remembering to look left and right.   She spoke to staff at Morrison’s and bought some food.   She ordered a book at the library and completed a form.     She then got to meet the therapy dog Tallulah who she had lots of cuddles with.  To end the day she went to Pear Tree swimming pool to practice her strokes.    What a great day, well done Saskia.



Written and produced by Jack Williams.