Welcome back!!! We hope you all had a lovely Christmas.

We really missed the children over the Christmas break and we were so excited to see them and hear all about their holiday and about all of the lovely things all the children have been doing. We also really enjoy sharing the children’s home diaries about what the children have been doing at home and the children get so excited to see their own book and sometimes we see pictures which is always lovely to share with the class, so thank you for this. Moving forward we are also looking forward to more of you using Tapestry to share your weekend news and photos with us!

This week we have been learning about Space, the classroom has had a space station in the small world area to explore. The children could feel different materials and textures and this also had little astronauts to role play with.

In Numeracy we have been learning about shapes and the children have enjoyed sorting the shapes and different sizes into the correct boxes. We also had shape jigsaws for the children to practice their fine motor skills in order to fit each shape into the correct slot. Counting how many sides each shape has has also been practiced with the children to help with their recognition. Well done children for working so hard with this.

In literacy we have been learning a new story, ‘Whatever Next’ this is about a bear who goes on an adventure in a rocket to space. The children were very excited to use the different props to support the story including a space helmet and the big shiny moon.

Some lovely craft activities have been on offer for the children this week too, some lovely stain glass rockets and the children could make their own happy New Year cards for their families which the children all enjoyed.

We have been wrapping up warm and still enjoying playing outside, we continued the space theme outside with a space scene with big soft blocks to climb on and over just like being on the moon it was so much fun!! This supports all of our physical development and the children also made some big towers which is always so funny if they fall down oops !!!

Have a lovely weekend everyone we are looking forward to lots of fun adventures and learning next week!!!

Love from Seedlings xxxx