Hello everyone,

It’s been a very different week or so hasn’t it? However hopefully you have found lots of fun things to keep you busy whilst you are at home. The weather has been brilliant and hopefully it will continue to be so over the Easter Holidays and into the Summer term. I have included some possible activities and ideas you could do during the Easter holidays to keep you busy.

A collage rainbow using lots of different textured materials.

Cardboard hands for painting nails.

Shadow drawing (fingers crossed it stays sunny).

A bug hunt around your garden or if you don’t have a garden look out of the window and play ‘eye spy with my little eye something beginning with………the letter A’

An Easter egg hunt in the garden or around your house following clues/ instructions given.

10 Easter Bunnies Counting Song

Hope you find some of these useful! Please take care and have a good Easter!

Love all the staff in Pine Tree Class x J x