Hello Everyone, It has been a very busy two weeks for everyone. We hope you all had the most amazing Christmas break. it feels like such a long time since Christmas even though it was only a few weeks ago.

Last Monday was our first day back to school and the weather over the Christmas period was so cold it had frozen our playground. It looked so pretty as it was all white but it was very slippery. We went out to explore and found the biggest piece of ice in out water tray! We lifted it up and found that is was very thick and the other side was filled with little air bubbles that made it look pretty and it sparkled in the sunlight. We also talked about how cold it was and when we touched it it made our fingers very cold.

On the Tuesday we saw our country go back into lockdown. You guys have been so amazing with your transformation from school learning to online zoom lessons. Its so good to see you all everyday. We thank you for your continued support.

We have been having so much fun with our new topics for this term. We are really enjoying our literacy story ‘Harry Potter’, the children are so engaged. We are growing more confident in our yoga lessons. It’s so nice to see all your family joining in. Well done to you all.

I’m sure you will agree that even though the schooling is very different the children are doing so well.

It’s amazing to see you all and we cant wait to have you all back in Elm Tree class as soon as we can.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend

Keep Safe

Love Elm Tree Class