Hello Everyone, hope you have all had a super week. We all have in class, our week has been jam packed full of exciting activities.

In Music this week we have been moving our bodies and making sounds of different animals and we all had so much fun pretending to be our favourite animals. Also in music we have been learning about didgeridoo’s and trying to make our own sounds with cardboard tubes.

In History this week we have all been enjoying learning all about Knight and Castles. We learned why castles have drawbridge’s and mottes. We learned that castles are stronger being rounded as it was harder to dig under the castle to bring it down. we looked at the thin windows and talked about how the archers would use these in battle. We looked at different knights and what armour they wore and we did an activity designing our own shield with a coat of arms.

We all hope you have the best long weekend and we shall see you all on Tuesday

Stay safe everyone

Love Elm Tree xx