This week in Pine Tree class we have introduced our new Religious Education topic focusing on the religion of Islam. We have been learning about places of worship (Mosque) and the sacred book the ‘Qur’an’. Followers of Islam are called Muslims and Wudu is the ritual washing performed by Muslims before prayer. The washing ritual (Wudu) is very important and is performed before prayer before Muslims present themselves before their God ‘Allah’. The students in class have enjoyed experiencing and learning about some of these religious experiences. We have been learning the sequence of positions and movements involved during prayer, while some students have been answering questions relating to Islam and finding out what is special to a Muslim, whilst also reflecting and thinking about what is special/ important to them. Examples included, Mr Tumble, iPad, church, family members, Mario, Luigi etc. We also experienced taking part in the Wudu washing ritual wash, using water on different parts of our body. A fantastic week of learning 🙂



Have a lovely weekend.

Love everyone in Pine Tree class:-)