Hello Everyone,

This week has been full of laughter and cheer. At the start of the week our elf Bob brought I us tickets to a virtual pantomime. We have all been so excited waiting for Friday. We wonder what its going to be!!!!. Other things we have been working on this week are some amazing Christmas Crafts for our party.

Wednesday brought us lots of fun .Its PARTY DAY. We spent the morning making funny headbands and glasses to wear for our party. After having the most amazing Christmas dinner we all sat round waiting for a zoom call from Father Christmas. Is been lovely seeing his jolly old face with his ho ho ho’s. Father Christmas handed out some lovely gifts for all of the children. After all that excitement we played some party games and ate some yummy party treats. The children had an amazing time

At the end of the week we did some learning. In History we are finishing up or topic on world war one. We have been learning more about the rationing and what it would be like for the soldiers to be living the trenches. we found out that they lived with rats and they would steal their food and nibble on their clothes.

We are looking forward to the last week of term. I’m sure the week will bring some Christmas fun and games

Hope you all have an amazing weekend

Love Elm Tree Class