We have been learning all about the Rainforest and Rainforest creatures this week. In class we have had different areas of learning for the children to explore around this topic.

Outdoors we have been engaging in imaginative play, using explorers equipment such as rucksacks, binoculars, a safari hat and magnifying glasses to help the children to search for all the animals, insects and interesting things we might find in the rainforest. The children made very good explorers, well done.

In Numeracy we had lots of slimy, green, rainforest frogs to count onto number lines. The children had to search for the frogs in the sticky slime! A messy but fun learning experience.

We also celebrated the country of Brazil this week as part of our Modern Foreign Languages day on Thursday. We all participated in a carnival parade with musical instruments and carnival music and even got to dress up for it too. Some of the children had pom  poms to shake or big feathers we could dance with, this was so much fun. The children also were very lucky enough to make some Brazilian cheese rolls in our baking activity. The children were  able to mix and add ingredients with help from the teachers. The children were all very proud of their bread and we got a little taste of the rolls for our afternoon snack time-yummy!!! Some of the children also made some Brazilian flags or a mask to wear for the parade in our creative area.

We have had some brilliant writing/mark making in our writing area this week too. We had a big tuff tray filled with green sand and letters with various mark making tools to create our marks. The children have to concentrate hard and use their fine motor skills by holding the tools in their hands.

Outside we have had some scary rainforest snakes to explore in the sand. In the water we have been searching for minibeasts and insects with scoops and sieves. We have been so busy!  Phew… time for the weekend!!!

Well done explorers, see you all next week.

Lots of love from Seedlings xxx