This week in D&T we have been looking at recycling. Craig started his circle session by throwing a lot of rubbish on to the floor! Everyone was shocked to say the least. There were three large metal bins in our circle labelled paper, plastic and food waste. Craig asked everyone to pick up an item of waste from the floor and have a think which bin it needed to go in. At first it was a little bit tricky but as the session continued everyone was fantastic at putting the waste in the correct bin!

After our circle session we started getting super busy designing and making our very own junk modelling butterflies. We started off planning our very own design and independently choosing our own materials and colours.  We used shredded card, toilet roll tubes, paint, glitter and glue. Our main focus was building our independent skills by independently picking which materials we would like to use. We followed by using the correct equipment to stick/paint our butterflies such as glue, paint brushes and scissors. Everyone enjoyed getting creative and messy! It was lovely to see all the children’s unique designs.

Here are some pictures of us doing some super work!