This week in Maple Class we have been looking at Natural Resources as part of Geography.

We have been looking at where natural resources come from and discussing what resources are natural and man made by sorting pictures into groups.

We have looked at what jobs there are in our rural local areas, such as farming, and what jobs you may find in cities e.g. supermarket worker, so that we could compare the two and the children could role play these jobs.

We also had a look at transport links, especially in and out of our local area and how the transport available has changed from what was available in the past to what is available now. We took this as an opportunity to get out into the local community and had a walk as a whole class to Kirkham and Wesham train station so we could see the trains coming into the station.

As you all know, it has been quite exciting for the children this week with the falling of snow and ice covering everywhere. We took the opportunity to play out and enjoy the snow but made sure we were wrapped up warm!

What a fantastic week here in Maple Class.

Jemma, Jude, Carly, Olivia, Karen & Abbie xx