We have had fun filled week learning all about transport in Seedlings!!

In our Numeracy area we have had numbered train tracks,1 – 10 for the children to count and place in the correct order. The children have to concentrate hard on number recognition and remembering what number comes next in the sequence.

We had some beautiful Hot air balloons made in our Arts and Crafts area this week. The children were so proud of what they made and loved holding the balloon up to see it floating from the little basket which was beautifully decorated to take home. We hope the parents enjoyed them as much as we did making them.

We also had lots of Black card in our writing  area for  the children with chalks to mark creating their very own train tracks, we had some wonderful and creative tracks which the children enjoyed making for the trains to go clickety clack along the track!! We also had a story all about a train ride in numeracy that the children could explore the props to follow events from the story and also we have been looking at clocks to follow the time in which the events happened. The children have all been working so hard with this, Well done children!!!

Outside in our playground we have had the cars and bikes to ride following road signs to follow, again the children all enjoyed this and could make up there very own routes to get about. We have had a very popular Airport Cafe that was so much fun. The children especially enjoyed packing for their holidays. We had a range of holiday items for the children to pack into their suitcase. What lovely imaginations our children have and this also encouraged the children to work together with their friends in helping each other pack.

What a busy week, we hope you all have a lovely long weekend with it being bank holiday Monday we we will see you all on Tuesday.

Lots of love from

Seedlings xxxx