This half term Pine Tree class have been developing their Makaton signing skills, within our new lesson each week ‘Languages – Lets Talk Makaton’. These lessons have been so much fun and everyone including teaching staff have enjoyed partaking each week. This terms focus has been on our emotions, we have had so much fun developing our signing skills, through our emotion story ‘In my heart – a book of feelings’ and partaking in emotion games and songs. Everyone has managed to learn all the crucial emotions in a fun, positive and enjoyable way (Happy, Sad, Silly, Scared, Angry to name a few). Everyone approaches ‘Lets talk Makaton’ with passion and it has become a lesson that everyone looks forward too each week. Well done Pine Tree, keep up the ‘outstanding’ signing.


This weekend your homework relates to our Numeracy topic ‘Position and Direction’. If you could email in any photographs of you travelling in different directions whether it be moving forwards or backwards, left or right, travelling in a given direction during a car journey or even photographs of different directional signs. Alternatively, it could be photographs of you placing some of your favourite objects in, on, under, behind, next to or in between e.g. a photograph of you placing a plate on the table and then on Monday this can be displayed for you and your friends in class to describe the location of the plate.

See you all next week for another week of fun learning, including some Halloween themed activities.

Have a lovely weekend 🙂