What a busy week we have had in Maple Tree class. We have been so busy learning all about forces in Science this week. We began by looking at gravity and the children really enjoyed dropping a variety of heavy and light objects in paint to see which would fail to make the biggest splat!! We also used syringes to put paint into cotton wool to make rain clouds.

In Literacy we have been focusing on our writing and the children have been working extremely hard to hold their pencils correctly and we have used a variety of tools so the children can practice their grips.

In Numeracy we have started to look at a new topic of tally charts. We have been looking at foods we like and foods we don’t like and the children have been telling us by making a choice between the different foods and then putting this into their own tally charts.

Jemma, Jude, Karen, Abbie Olivia and Carly x