This week in Bay Tree our special subject has been PSD, we have been learning about Living in a Diverse World and focusing on social awareness and relationships. As a class we looked at a diversity power point which asked us to look in the mirror and communicate to each other physical things that make us different but special. We looked at our different hair colours, eye colours, skin colours and things that we may wear such as glasses, hearing aids, bobbles and hair bands. Next we looked at things that we like and don’t like, we tried different types of fruit and shared with the group our favourite and also discussed what our favourite lessons are too!

Afterwards we did some group work.  Some of us worked in a small group exploring different sensory props associated with diversity such as switches with different culture music , different culture foods, smells and instruments. Another group were focusing on showing consideration of the needs and feelings of others.  We did this through looking a a range of pictures and asking the pupils how the individual is feeling in the picture and what they could do to make them feel better.  For example a picture of a child who is sad, give her a hug.  A third group worked on taking part in different games and activities and ensuring they take turns and share with minimal adult support.

Here are some pictures of us all working super hard!