Lots of fun in Seedlings!!!!

This week following on from our very popular Pirate and Princess theme, the children have enjoyed exploring lots of fun and exciting activities in the classroom and also outside.  The children have loved being creative and made some amazing Pirate boats, Pasta necklaces and bracelets. The children decorated them with paint and made them look very sparkly and glittery; they were even fit for a princess!!!

For our numeracy lesson we have been singing and counting along to 5 speckled frogs. The children really interact during this lesson and enjoy dropping each frog into the pond as we count sometimes making a big splash, it was very funny.  In our literacy lesson the children are able to use and explore lots of props to go along with the story.

In our small world area we had a princess fairy garden which the children could explore and feel lots of different textures, colours and special pink foam.  A highlight of this week was a real bouncy castle in our classroom, the children were very happy and excited to play and bounce on this, it was so much fun!!!

We are very excited for our new Arctic theme next week. We hope you have a lovely weekend and have a nice rest ready for lots more fun and learning next week.

Love from Seeding’s xxx