It was our coming of age story on Wednesday about travelling the world and getting a tattoo.  As part of this students expressed their individuality by getting a painted tattoo of their own and also taking on the role of the tattooist. Whilst having the tattoo each student listened to the sound of the tattoo gun on a switch. All were VERY brave and sat still throughout (unlike the staff).








On Tuesday we were given a very special motivational talk by the 401 marathon man Ben Smith. He was put on the hot seat by some of our students who researched his life and wanted to know more so had devised their own questions.

Ben also spoke about being your own person and doing what makes you happy!  He talked about overcoming barriers such as his dyslexia, being bullied and recovering from a stroke in his late 20’s.

Everyone left feeling very inspired (though some weren’t quite up for running a marathon!)

We’re all looking forward to supporting his upcoming challenge in America during 2020… Good Luck!