Hello Everyone,

Hope you all enjoyed your long weekend. We have had such a lovely week this week in Elm Tree. The children have come back into class raring to go.

This week in Numeracy we have been learning about ‘time’. Some of the children have been focusing on o’clock and half past and others have been focusing on sequencing the daily activities. The children have been really enthusiastic and have worked really hard.

Also this week in History we have been looking at medieval Life. We have been planting seeds and digging up vegetables. We have been raking through the soil and getting out the stones so we can use the soil to grow our seeds. Once we have dug out our vegetables we then washed them all, chopped them and make a good old medieval stew. The children worked really hard and did super well with cutting and washing.

Well everyone we are signing off for another week. Hope you all have a super weekend

Love Elm Tree xxx