Hello Everyone.

Hope you have all had a super week.

In Elm Tree this week we have been learning lots of new things.

We enjoyed a very special music concert on Monday. The children interacted with the music engaging with the different tempos, clapping and singing to the music.

In Geography we have been looking at directions and trying to navigate from Pear Tree to different locations in and around Kirkham. We have been learning to use different vocabulary to navigate through google maps. Up, down, left and right. We have also been looking at the directions on the compass and trying to use North, South. East and West.

In PSD this week we have been learning about different breakfasts and seeing healthy and unhealthy options. We have made some lovely juicy fruit salads. We chose our own fruits to go in our fruit salad and we chopped them up and ate them for our snack. We have also made some delicious breakfast muffins. We chose our own fillings. We ended up with strawberry, blueberry and chocolate chip. We enjoyed making them but most of all we enjoyed eating them. They were yummy.

Well this it for another week guys. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend whatever you do.

Keep Safe

Love Elm Tree xxx