This week in Pine Tree class we have enjoyed embracing our new Numeracy topic ‘Multiplication and Division’. This has involved, comparing two given numbers of objects, saying which is more and which is less during an adult led activity. We have been dividing a total number of items into groups indicating how many there are within each group, whilst another group have enjoyed listening and singing number songs using props and switches including Farmer Pete, 5 Fat Sausages etc. We have also thoroughly enjoyed learning about ‘Natural Resources’ during our Geography lessons. We have been learning about the natural and human made features of places, including within our local area. A group have been out into Kirkham to learn about and see natural and human made features within Kirkham. Others have explored in various ways a range of natural and human made materials throughout the week including natural materials such as soil, wood (bamboo, bark and rattan), natural fibres (wool and silk), stone and sand and then explored various human made resources such as Duplo Blocks, Lego, Play Dough, Breo Train Tracks and Trains etc. Others have developed their knowledge and understanding of natural and human made materials by sorting these by this criterion. In addition to this we have also looked at photographs of different places around the world and identified natural and human features within these and engaged in discussions about these and then used these photographs to create and complete our jigsaws.

Have a fantastic weekend and see you all next week for yet another week of exciting learning and fun.

Love everyone in Pine Tree class 🙂