4 students, Kane, Saskia, Dylan and Sally were lucky to go to Borwick Hall in the Lake District this week (Monday – Wednesday). Jack asked some of the students and staff what their favourite part of the trip was.

Kane said he liked canoeing caving and climbing.

Saskia loved it all and she really liked canoeing, jumping in the canal and going into the caves.

Sally’s favourite part of the holiday was going for a walk and swimming in the Lake, said Liz.

Dylan loved it all.

Alex’s best bit of the holiday was canoeing and swimming in the canal.

TJ’s favourite activity was “splashing with Liz and Harris”

Melissa said her “best/scariest moment was climbing on to the top of the very high thin pole that was wobbling very much and jumping off (leap of faith) and hitting the ball. Debbie said Thomas from 6th form also did this. They are very brave.

Debbie loved it all and jumping in the canal.

Jack was interested to hear comments from the staff and students that stayed in the Compass Centre.

Sam said he liked “Everyone’s smiling faces returning from their holiday and hearing all the happy stories from their adventure”.

Alison Rainer-Porter said “Coming to the Compass Centre to see the 2 Jack’s”.

Javid was very happy being able to spend time at Pine Tree working with Curtis and Abdul.

Dianne said “spending time with Jack and main school classes and particularly seeing all the smiley faces return from the holiday and having the ‘gang back together on Thursday”.

One final word from Jack “have a good half term and looking forward to seeing you all for the last term of the year”.