Hello, it’s the VVBBE (Very very best bubble ever!)

We’ve been having lots of fun and working really hard this half term. The students are going to write about their favourite things they have learnt for you to have a read:

  • I have been learning about bearded dragons in Animal Care. I have learnt that if we keep them at home we need a vivarium!
  • I have been leaning about growth mindset and how to improve and not give up also enjoying dot to dot
  • I’ve been learning about mime and I did pretend to open the present and the expression in performing arts
  • I have been enjoying being a dentist for mime in performing arts

So as you can see, we’re having a fantastic time! As well as Animal Care, Growth Mindset and Performing Arts, we have enjoyed lots of other subjects.

We’ve been making lots of yummy things in Catering like salsa, guacamole and coleslaw.

We’ve explored our favourite destinations in Tourism which ranges from Cairo all the way to Norfolk.

We’re also building our own business to learn all about the world of work in Enterprise; we have a manager and a supervisor in our bubble! We have made our own crayons which we hope to sell.

On Fridays, we make our own dinner!!  

But before all the hard work starts, we like to begin our day with a little bit of Japanese Kinesthetics. It really gets us ready and raring to go 🙂