Hello everyone!
We have had such a busy, jam packed week!

Science was so exciting this week, we were doing chemical reactions and went outside because we were doing the squeaky pop test and didn’t want to break any lights! We tested different things to see if the chemical reaction could create enough gas to push off the cork into the air. We all had a go to see which chemical made the loudest pop.

As usual, we have been such good friends in Oak tree class. A very kind young man was helping his friend during our good morning session making her laugh.

In PE we were practising our activities for virtual PE day. We had a go at golf, hurdling, sack races and relay races. Our winner for the trophy this week, was amazing at everything, we even captured an action shot of him jumping off the trampette over a hurdle! Well Done!

In Vocational Education we started to cut up the wood for our bird houses, we all had a go and enjoyed the challenge. Next week we are hoping to put the the pieces of wood together and create our bug hotels.

Our session with Commando Joes was as exciting as ever. Our new challenge was a tricky assault course balancing on rope and tires! We then used the parachute to propel Barry the Bear into the sky, the better our team work was the higher he flew!

We hope everyone has had a lovely week and lets hope the sun returns this weekend!