Hello everyone,

After a restful two weeks off we have been so busy this week!

This term our topic is the Olympic Games! This week we have been learning all about the ceremony, different countries and different sports. During assembly we had an opening Olympic ceremony. Oak Tree had the very important job of lighting the Olympic torch. We enjoyed watching every classes own opening ceremony.

During our PE lesson we practiced for virtual sports day which is next Monday! We have a hula hoop song, running and our main event is playing rounders. We are all super at catching and hitting the ball.

With Romano from Commando Joes this week we were introduced to our half term topic of team work. We had to each build a tower with different supplies! We are all enjoying this session lots and have improved so much from joining in.

The final picture in this weeks blog is from the last Friday of last term. We took part in the ‘Peartree game show’ which we all enjoyed so much. There were lots of tricky questions… but we won a prize! We had an afternoon pretending to be in the Army, we dressed up, had on cameo face paints and followed lots of instructions and an obstacle course!

We have had an amazing first week and can’t wait to see what else is in store for us!

Have a safe weekend!