Hi everybody!

It’s been a busy first week back in Oak Tree Class.  We all hope you had a fantastic half term and are braced for the weeks flying by until Christmas!

This half term in literacy we are learning about Greta Thunberg and climate change.

We are learning about numbers, number bonds and place value in numeracy.

We are learning about how electricity is made and conductors and insulators in science.

We are learning about leisure and communication skills in PSD.

We are learning about algorithms in computing.

We are learning about floristry in Vocational Education.

We are learning about skills for an independent life in Independent Living Skills.

We are learning about opera in music with Anna.

We are learning how to play hockey in PE.

And we will be learning about stop motion animation in Creative Art.

So another busy half term is ahead of us.  Please feel free to comment on the blog and the pictures of Oak Tree Class pupils working hard.

Have a relaxing weekend,

By Oak Tree Class Pupils