In vocational education we have been designing and painting our initials as part of learning about painting and decorating.

Monday and Tuesday was Bikeability with Elm Tree Class.  We enjoyed John and Paul teaching us about how to stay safe whilst riding our bikes.

In Literacy we have been flying our kites.  There was mixed success from adults!  Sensory story Danny the champion of the world.  We enjoyed dressing up as Danny and his dad as they walked to Hazel’s wood to poach all the pheasants

It was World Mental Health Day on Thursday.  We talked about what mental health means to us.  We thought about the things that make us upset, anxious, sad and angry and the things we can do to help us with these emotions.  We thought that exercise, listening to music, playing games and watching TV were all good ideas.  We then chose a friend to play a game with.

We were learning how to waltz in creative art on Monday.  We have some very good dancers in Oak Tree Class!