What a lovely week in seedlings, the children have enjoyed watching the progress with the building work taking place and we have seen some really big tractors and diggers how exciting!! The children love observing what is going on.

We have had a lot of our provision this week based around being on the farm and what farmyard animals we might see there. The small world area was made with lots of hay and sawdust for the children to play with the model animals, tractors and farm house. We also encouraged the communication in this area asking the children where each animal was and what sounds they make.

Our numeracy area had 4 sections with a different animal in each section for the children to add, take away and count the animals in each section. This could be a bit tricky with 5 pigs, 4 cows, and 4 sheep!! the children had to try really hard with animal and number recognition. Well done children!

Outside we had the tractors, bikes and cars for the children to transport lots of animals across the playground, the children were very busy farmers and the animals all had a good ride round. We encouraged turn taking with this whilst playing together to enhance the children’s social development. We have spent a lot of time outside this week as the weather has been so lovely and warm. In our water play area the children could wash the animals as they get very dirty on the farm you know!!! We had some little mother hen’s within the group enjoying giving the animals a good bath.

We had a little problem with the swimming pool on Thursday so unfortunately the children could not swim. We know how much the children enjoy this special time and look forward to it so we created an afternoon of water play instead. We had big ‘Tuff’ trays outside all containing different objects for the children to explore. We had balls, jugs and cups fish and boats you name it. Wow the children had a wonderful time and of course we all got a bit wet but with this lovely weather it was nice to cool down! We got some lovely photos too.

We hope you have a lovely weekend and look forward to what fun and learning next week brings!!

Lots of love from Seedlings xxx