Well, what an exciting week we’re having in Bay Tree class! Everyone in class has engaged really well in our new Science topic this week; learning about a range of animals and their habitats.

At the start of the week, we explored a range of different animal sounds and observed farm animals, wild animals and pets; discussing the ways that they look and how they are different and similar. We then played a fun game, where we listened to real animal sounds and had to use our picture cards and communicators to guess which animal it was.

Next, we learnt what the word ‘habitat’ means and we looked closely at the different environments they live in and explored a variety of sensory resources to match the animals with their correct habitat.

Lastly, because we have all worked so hard to learn about different animals, we had a very exciting surprise…our very own class pet!! We then worked together to create a lovely habitat for our new Aqua Critters and we can’t wait to look after them and watch them grow and develop.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Bay Tree Class