Frozen 2
On Friday I went to the cinema to watch Frozen 2, I went with my best friend. My favourite bit is the new songs, they are called ‘Show yourself’, ‘Into the unknown’ and ‘All is found’. They are my new favourite songs because, I like them and they are different.
My three favourite moments in the Frozen 2 are, when Anna becomes Queen and has a wedding with Kristoff. My second moment is when I found out Elsa lives in the Forest and my last moment is when Elsa asks Anna “Do you want to build a snowman”.

Pear Tree Christmas Fayre
At school we had a Christmas fayre on Saturday and I came with mum and my brother. Last week at school, we helped to make some gifts to sell, to raise money for the Compass centre. I helped to make Reindeer food, candles and peppermint creams. I was asked what my favourite part about the Christmas fayre was and I could not decide. I said “All of it”. To make the Reindeer food we had to mix porridge oats and glitter together to make it look pretty. To make the candles we used a hot glue gun to glue pretty ribbon and glitter around the sides. I bought one at the Christmas fayre and gave it to my Nanny as a gift. She loves it!
To make the peppermint creams we mixed icing sugar together with egg whites and made it into a dough. Then we split it up into small balls and pressed them down into the right shape. After they had set, we melted chocolate and dipped the peppermint creams into the chocolate to cover half of them. After, we let them set again. To make the packaging, we used pretty paper and ribbons to make them look ‘Christmassy’. I haven’t tried one and don’t want to, but I liked helping make them.