This week in Baytree class we have really enjoyed learning and communicating about our new topic ‘People Who Help Us’. At the start of the week, we learnt about things that might be dangerous, such as knives, fires and busy roads. We then shared our ideas about why these things aren’t safe and we found out who we can ask to help us.

We then practiced how we would ask for help and learnt about the different ways that people help us, such as a lollipop person who helps us cross the road safely. Towards the end of the week, we demonstrated our understanding around our topic by completing matching jigsaws, playing interactive games and also dressing up as different people who help us, such as a lifeguard, a police officer and a lollipop person to act out different scenarios. Everyone engaged really well in our lessons and we’re experts at asking for help now too!


Have a great weekend everyone.

Bay Tree Class