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The Pine Tree Vikings!

The main focus of our blog this week is History. In Pine tree we have a special personalised Viking story that includes all the children. One of the children in the story finds a time machine in the cupboard and accidently presses the button! Then suddenly, whoosh! We...

Exciting Electricity!

Hello from Pine Tree!   This week in Science we have been learning about electricity. We have been discussing things that use electricity such as- Hair dryer Lights Toaster Microwave Then after thinking and discussing about the types of things that use electricity we...

Working to our full capacity in Pine Tree!

This week in Pine tree we have been focusing on capacity in Numeracy. We make a very special potion with the different bottles and at the end we all have a taste! After making our potion we all split off into our group work. Some of us have been working on recognising...


This week in French we have been learning about Fete des Lumieres which translates to festival of light.The festival of light is a way the French express their gratitude towards Mary, mother of Jesus. The festival is held in Lyon and lasts for four days. There are...

ICT Work in Pine

Hello everyone! This week in Pine tree we have been doing some fantastic and yummy ICT work, sounds strange I know! For ICT we have been looking at following a set of instructions. So this week we decided to make some pitta bread pizza’s. We had a set of instructions...

Welcome to Pine Tree’s Spooky blog!

Hello Everyone! Welcome to Pine Tree Blog. We hope you all had a fabulous half term. This week  in Pine Tree we have had a very spooky week! On Wednesday for literacy we had a Halloween story called "Webster Witch's Ugly Potion".  In the story the Witch adds many...

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