This week in Pine Tree class we are focusing our blog post on our Science topic – Sound and Hearing and our learning around Remembrance Day. We have listened to the different sounds of wood, metal and plastic instruments and identified whether the sounds are being played loudly or quietly. One group took part in an investigation activity dropping different objects into a tray filled with sand and another tray without sand. First they made their predictions on each object to see if they would make a sound or no sound. Then in turn dropping the objects from the same height (fair test) they checked if their predictions were correct. Another group watched videos to identify the sounds they could hear and match it to the pictures on their communication boards.

For Fridays whole school assembly we made a class poppy wreath by drawing around our hands, cutting them out and arranging into the wreath shape. This will be displayed at the Kirkham Memorial.

Have a fantastic weekend

Love everyone in Pine Tree Class 🙂