Hello all,

What a fabulous week we have had… This week we have been learning about remembrance day and we have been doing lots of fantastic poppy activities. We made some lovely rice krispie cake poppies to enjoy for our snack and we also made a hand print collage wreath that we took to the cenotaph near Morrisons.

Also this week we have had lots of fun in science learning about electricity. We did an experiment exploring how to use and connect a light source using lamps ,wires and cells. we used lots of different words to describe what we had done and what happened. In RE we have used different coloured rice to make Rangoli pictures, following in the foot steps of Ghandi to bring peace to our lives.

Lastly we voted for our new Prime Minister and he is very excited about his new role. He has chosen his MP’s to help him with jobs and is enjoying the responsibility of handing out AMAZING EMOJIS.

Hope you all have a good weekend

Stay safe & see you soon,

Lots of love,

Elm Tree Class