This week in Bay Tree class has been one full of excitement and fun! We started our new Computing topic this week, where we have been exploring ways that we can programme and code different forms of technology to make something happen.

At the start of the week, we met our class robot called Craig-bot and we learnt how to give him different instructions and commands in order to direct him and make him move. We then took turns pressing buttons in order to help Craig-bot complete the obstacle course in class; working out when he needed to ‘go’, ‘crawl’ or ‘jump’.

Each day, the obstacle course got harder and longer, so we used our team working skills to work together as a class and input directions helping Craig-bot reach the treasure… which we did!

We also enjoyed exploring other technological resources; such as i-pads, tough-cams, bee-bots and sound buttons in order to make them move, make a sound or take a picture. We even used our new Quiver Vision app; where we coloured in a range of special pictures and then used the camera on the Quiver app using the i-pad to make our picture come to life!

We hope you have a great week and that you get the chance to explore some technology together at home too!