This Summer term we will be focusing on the topic Home and School. In our ‘Let’s Talk Makaton’ lessons we are developing our sign language skills whilst enjoying our learning, Numeracy will see us cover two more topics Data Handling and Number. We have already got into our Literacy story Anna’s Amazing Multi-Coloured Glasses to focus on our Reading and Writing. Our Art lessons have seen us look at textile Artist Gunta Stolzl and weaving. Computing this half term will  each week focused on Programming and Development. This summer half term we will begin to look at the life processes and living things within Science and enjoying getting messy with our planting and in Geography our lessons will take us to both North and South America  where we may or may not discover some Marmalade Sandwiches that may be left by Paddington on our journey. PSD and RE this term will be focused on people who care for us, our families, guidance and where to seek guidance.

This week in Pine Tree its been a busy week we have been enjoying our Art topic of Textiles, we have got creative and woven all objects we can find in and around the school, check out our pictures. This week we were also privileged to have been invited to take part in a Zoom workshop by local artist Alex Blakey. During this workshop we learnt about the past of Kirkham and created our masterpieces with Alex on our journey every step of the way.