This week in literacy we have been reading ‘Seeds of change’. The story is about a young girl called Wangari whose mother tells her the importance of the Mugumo tree. The mugumo tree is home to many animals such as monkeys, lizards and birds. The tree also grows wilds figs which feeds lots of families. Wangari promises never to cut down the tree.  It was time for Wangari to start school and her favourite subject was science. Lots of people started to cut the Mungamo trees down and this made Wangari feel very sad so she decided to plant seeds in lots of villages and towns across the land. Eventually she managed to plant thirty million trees.

After reading the story we all separated into groups-

Group 1- Focused on the story and all sensory objects such as bark, soil, seeds, African scarves, fig rolls and switches with bird and monkey sounds.

Group 2- This group were looking at a story which we have touched on in the past called ‘The colour monster’.  They are reading the book and thinking of things that make them happy, sad, excited and scared.

Group 3- Pupils in this group are using colourful semantics and looking at ‘who’ and ‘doing’.