Hello everyone,

What an exciting week we’ve had in Elm Tree learning all about space. Our fantastic class teacher Lauren took us on an adventure in a rocket up into space to see the solar system, there was so much to see and explore.  Our favourite planet was Mars which we learnt was called the ‘Red planet’ because of the rusty iron in the ground. When we landed back safely on Earth Lauren set us a challenge to make our own space rockets, robots and satellites.


On Wednesday we had a fantastic lesson learning about shadows. There were so many questions we were eager to find out the answers to:

“How do we make shadows?”

“Will my shadow copy everything I do?”

“Will my shadow hop, skip, dance and play football?”

Elm Tree set off on a mission outside to chase some shadows.

Those cheeky shadows waved at us, ran after us around the playground and even followed us onto the swing! It was lots of fun.

Why don’t you have a try finding shadows at home this weekend? All you will need is a light source and a solid object.

Love Elm Tree class