Hello all,

This week in History we have been learning all about World War 1. Our lesson was so fun, it was filled with lots of amazing artefacts for us to look at and we had a little taster of what life would be like for soldiers at that time. We got to see some of the uniforms the soldiers would have worn. We saw some of the equipment that the soldiers would have used, such as a gas mask and barbed wire and we learned that the smells from World War 1, were pretty gross!

In computing we have been learning all about algorithms and following instructions. As a class, we discussed the instructions we would give each other to make a jam sandwich. Once we had decided, we were able to follow our instructions and make our own jam sandwich. Elm Tree did an incredible job and their sandwiches looked super tasty and were devoured at snack time!

Lastly for the past few weeks we have been working very hard in Design Technology to design and create our own kindness pebbles. We designed our shapes, colours and patterns and made our salt dough for our pebbles. Once completed these will be sent home so they can be shared with loved ones who we are not able to be with at the moment.

Lots of love,

Elm Tree Class