Hello everyone, we have been really back into the swing of things in Maple Class this week. We have enjoyed lots of different things indoors and outdoors.

Monday saw us enjoying PE with Paula where we have already started to practice different races and games for our upcoming Sports Day in July. We loved the egg and spoon race best and even managed to fit in half a mile for our virtual walk from Blackpool Tower to The Eiffel Tower.

Through the afternoons this week we have been learning about Citizenship. Specifically about rules and laws. We spent time looking at our school rule and we prepared some of our own class rules individually. We also looked at different things that are rules and compared them to things that were laws. We used board games to practice following rules to take turns. We really liked snakes and ladders and connect 4.







Our favourite part of the week was taking a trip into Kirkham as part of our citizenship. We worked in pairs, compromising to plan where we wanted to go and what we wanted to do. We drew up plans using photos. Some pairs decided to go to the shops to buy a treat and others wanted to go for an ice cream! We made sure to travel safely and properly using the rules we had been talking about in class.











We have continued reading Jack and the Flumflum Tree this week and starting to look for high frequency words in the text. These were; I, to, no, go, the. Maybe see if your child can find some of these words in some writing at home.

Numeracy has been all about adding and subtracting. We have been using objects to put numbers together to find a total or taking them away from a group to find how many are left.

We hope you enjoy the long weekend and we will see you on Tuesday.

The Maple Tree Class team xx