In literacy we are reading a story called ‘The Great Kapok Tree’.  A man entered the forest and decided to try and chop down the great kapok tree.  After a long time of chopping the man grew tired and sat down at the base of the tree and fell asleep.

While he was sleeping soundly many animals whispered to him the importance of the Kapok tree and what would happen if he chopped it down.  The snake needed the kapok tree to live in, the birds used the kapok tree to hide in and the Jaguar needed the tree to find food.  All the animals begged the man not to cut down the tree. When the man awoke suddenly he dropped the axe on the floor and left the forest.

During the story we all have been learning key signs in order to help us remember key parts to the story. This will then help us to create our very own version of the story later on.  Everyone is fantastic at signing the story and repeating key words. After reading the story we all separated into our groups and practiced our reading, singing and answering questions on the main events in the story.

Here are some pictures of us doing our signs-