The main focus of our blog this week is History. In Pine tree we have a special personalised Viking story that includes all the children. One of the children in the story finds a time machine in the cupboard and accidently presses the button! Then suddenly, whoosh! We all end up going back in time. We see where the Vikings live and we explore the different foods they ate such as bread, fish and fruit. As Pine Tree get on the Viking ship and sail across the sea and land on the beach in England, lots of Vikings are running down the hill towards the beach ready for a fight! Ahh! Luckily the time machine button gets pressed and we all suddenly land back at Pear tree.

After the story we did some hard work making wanted posters! We cut out our names using runes which is the Viking symbols used for writing. We also took pictures dressed up as Vikings to go on our poster. Everybody loved dressing up and getting creative. In order to make our posters look old we used wet teabags, the result is fantastic.

Everyone enjoyed this lesson and it was great to see everyone getting creative!

We hope you all have a lovely weekend and we look forward to hearing your weekend news.