1. What is the moral of;
A) The Fox and the Crane – being made fun of for looking different or a certain way. Also for not being able to do things that other people can do.
B) The Lion and the Mouse- being made to feel that size if important for courage and bravery, when it does not matter. Can also be seen as discrimination.

2. What does the Queen do in the ‘Princess and the Pea’ to make sure the girl is a real Princess?
The queen puts a ‘hard-dried up pea’ under 20 mattresses for the girl to sleep on.
3. Fables usually have a good and a bad character in each story. Who do you think is the good and bad character in the three fables you have read and why?
Fox in ‘The fox and the crane’, the queens mother in ‘The princess and the pea’ and finally, the Lion in ‘The Lion and the mouse’. I think these three characters are bad in each story because they are naughty and rude to others in the story. The fox makes fun of the crane for the way she looks, the queens mother suspects the princess to be fake and the Lion does not believe that something so small can show bravery and courage to help.
4. Why do you think the lion walked slowly away at the end of ‘The Lion and the Mouse’?
The lion thought he was trapped forever, until the mouse set him free. He walked away slowly because he was thankful for being freed.
5. Why did the crane decide to get her own back on the fox in ‘The fox and the crane’?
The fox knew she wouldn’t be able to drink it and invited her to tea to make fun of her. She got her own back to teach the fox a lesson, to not make fun of others.
6. Name two similarities all three fables have
1. They all have a bad and a good character 2. The good characters also show love
7. Name two differences all three fables have
1. They all have different characters 2. They all have different attitudes
8. Which was your favourite fable and why?
Princess and the pea because I found it funny when the princess had to sleep on top of the 20 mattresses, with a hard pea at the bottom.