In Numeracy this half term we have been learning all about time. How to tell the time and also taking part in activities to see how fast we can do something in the time set on the timer.

We did a tapping challenge to see how many taps we can do on a switch in 30 seconds, it got very competitive! We also had a tray filled with pompoms and had to get as many out of the tray using tweezers as we can in 30 seconds, then we had an activity where we had six balls hidden around the class room and we had 30 seconds to find them and get them back in the box. The children loved doing all these activities and loved cheering each other on.

In groups we have all done work about time. Some groups have done the school timetable of what happens in the day, other groups did the morning, during the school day and also once they got home, they all enjoyed talking about what they do at different times of the day.

Here are some pictures of us in numeracy putting the daily timetable in order: