This week in Numeracy we have been focusing on time! We have been doing one minute challenges-

  • How many bricks can you use to build a tower
  • How many spoonful’s of yogurt can you eat
  • How many bounces you can do on a ball
  • How many bounces can you do on a trampoline
  • How many letters can you write
  • How many times you can press a switch

We have all been competing with one another to see who can win! It has been very exciting.

After our challenges we separated into groups.  The first group have arranged 2-3 daily symbols in order e.g. register, dinner and home.  Group two have been learning o’clock and half past with Craig and for our more sensory pupils we have been exploring sensory items related to key moments throughout our day.

  • Tooth brush and tooth paste
  • Wet flannel (washing face)
  • Crunchy cereal (smelling and taste)
  • Smelling coffee and tea
  • Clothing (getting dressed)

Here are some pictures of out Numeracy sessions-