In Elm Tree class, we have been running Tuck Shop at break time and we are in charge of everything! First we had a tasting session where we sampled little bits of different break time favourites like brioche, toast, crumpets and even jelly! Only the yummiest food made it onto our Tuck Shop menu.

Next was a trip down to Morrison’s to buy all our items ready to sell, including ingredients for our special homemade Elm Tree flapjack (which went down a treat at break time!). We found, checked and paid for everything ourselves, and some of us even scanned our items ourselves behind the checkout!!

We take the orders, prepare the food and even keep count of the money ourselves!

We all love running Tuck Shop in Elm Tree class and can’t wait to do it again next week! Have a lovely rest of the week and a nice restful weekend, when it arrives!!

Love all of us in Elm Tree