Good afternoon!

We have been learning lots of things in Maple Tree Class this week. In French, we have been learning about family names and even created our own French Mother’s Day cards. We have been reading the story of Little Red Riding Hood in English and French and have become very good at doing the actions and remembering the words, le Loup (the wolf), Grand-mere (Grandma), Maison (house). We had a go at building french things in our construction area. We made roller coasters and the Eiffel Tower.

On Monday, we had a go at riding balance bikes with AFC Fylde in PE. We had races and games and lots of fun.

In Numeracy this week we have been learning about capacity and things being empty and full. We explored water and different containers often ending up getting a bit wet!

Thursday saw us having plenty of sunshine and time for music sharing with our friends from around the school. We were able to share our own compositions and danced to Crocodile Rock (which we have all become big fans of!)

Have a good weekend everyone and enjoy the sunshine!

The Maple Tree Team xxx