Hello Maple parents!

We have again had a very busy final week of the half term. Five weeks have gone so quickly and this final week we have had a History week. Our topic has been Ancient Egypt  and we have managed to incorporate it into a lot of our lessons. We have had a go at writing our names in hieroglyphs as well as doing Egyptian number activities. In preparation for our Ancient Egypt day we made jewelry to wear.

On Wednesday we had our class Ancient Egypt day. We really enjoyed all of the activities and of course being able to dress up. We were able to have a go at face painting. We were lucky to have Ria and Debbie in our class today who are both very good at face painting. We looked like Pharaohs and cats. We all enjoyed trying foods that they would have eaten in Ancient Egypt. These included; sardines, flat breads, prunes, ham and honey. We found some things yummier than others! A great activity was making bread. We loved mixing and kneading the dough and especially loved eating it! Some of us had a go at making Tutankhamen masks. We put lots of jewels on our masks to make them look very grand. One of our favourite parts of Ancient Egypt day was exploring our class Pyramid tomb (with actual Mummy!). We really liked looking in the treasure chest and finding special things that Pharaohs would have with them to take to the afterlife. We learnt that farming was a big part of working life in Ancient Egypt as the River Nile floods every year and makes the soil very rich. We explored farm small world.






As well as History, we still did plenty of other things this week. We have been working hard on our reading and writing in phonics as well as doing more Sport’s Day practice with Paula and our friends in other classes. We had a lovely session in Music with Anna where we are continuing to listen and move to music linked with the seaside. We also did some lovely activities with our friends.

We hope you all have a lovely half term and that the weather stays nice for you all and look forward to seeing your children again on Monday 8th June.

Love from,

the Maple Tree Class team xx