Why do we need to wash our hands?
Germs are bad and live on our hands
What do we need to use when washing our hands?
Soap because this kills off any germs on our hands
Do we use cold water or warm?
Warm because warm water kills germs
What else can we use as a barrier to germs?
Sanitiser helps to block germs
Why is it important to make sure we also use hand cream after washing our hands all the time?
Dry skin can cause dermatitis
What do we need to dry our hands with?
Paper towels or hand dryer
How long do we need to wash our hands for?
20 seconds or longer
What song helps us to wash our hands for the right amount of time?
Singing Happy birthday to our hands will help us to wash them for the right amount of time
How many hand washing movements are there to washing our hands correctly?
There are 5 hand movements when washing our hands, you can find these on the NHS website if you would like to have a look